Friday, November 18, 2005

To Boldly Go . . .

For the past fifteen years Star Trek has been a growing, dynamic universe.

I remember getting my first copy of Star Trek Chronology : A History of the Future, the "complete" history of the Star Trek universe . . . all the way up to TNG season five. Needless to say the book was constantly being updated and re-released. I would look at the newer editions at book stores, but could never bring myself to get another one knowing that it was out of date the moment it was published.

But now there has been a pause. There are no new television shows or movies being produced. For a moment (hopefully a relatively brief moment), the universe is still, making this an ideal time to reflect on it all.

The purpose of Star Trek Ruminations is not to become a comprehensive database of all things Star Trek or a detailed episode guide to each series. Rather this is simply a place for reflecting on the Star Trek universe as we know it - be it a favorite episode, some aspect of story-telling or character development, connections between the various series, or whatever else seems striking, significant, or amusing.

Of course, volumes have already been written about Star Trek - commentary, criticism, light-hearted nitpicking - in other words, 'infinite diversity in infinite combinations.' But infinite diversity must logically have room for one more voice, one more perspective, and therefore Star Trek Ruminations.

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