Monday, February 02, 2009

Turritopsis Nutricula - Real World Reverse Aging

In the past I've commented at length on the plausibility of the Drayan, a species the ages in reverse in the episode "Innocence" (VOY). Recently Earthweek featured an article on an 'immortal' jellyfish called turritopsis nutricula. As explained below this little animal is not just biologically immortal, but is actually capable of reverse aging.
Turritopsis nutricula - That is the scientific name for a jellyfish-like creature. After it matures and reproduces, this creature completely reverts to a younger state and starts its life over again. (Read more here and here.) So speculation and extrapolation aside, we do have here on earth proof that there is such a thing as reverse aging.

If only we could get poor turritopsis nutricula a new name. Perhaps Drayan would be most appropriate.
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